Custom Testing

STEP 1 – keep building the BOX

What patients do

Patients go in, and search using an interactive map. They search by state and the organization, not doctor (yet). Then search by specialty. Search gives results as normal. NO FULL PROFILE. They can save their favorites from that screen. They can then send a booking request which consists of sending a form to registration with various details and a list of the doctors that they favorite.

(this may change because how favoriting a doctor works isn’t designed for how I’m describing)

(technically searching as usual will still be available – from front page only – and doctors can independently sign up)


What THINK can do

Add a lot more fields. Add address, contact, social media, toggle if they want people e-mailing them for booking request, and a few other things

From their back-end will make it easier to use and nicer looking

+++ Add analytics so they can see how patients are searching and how their doctors are answering. This will come later **We promise anyone who signs up now they have free lifetime access to this feature when done**



Change provider sign-up to a request (just most basic fields) then we put them in.

Change the refine search to maybe be expandable and nicer looking



Have OMG create an easy 1 page ‘create new provider’ in the back end – something that will take less than 1 minute for each doc

We currently can see how often a form is submitted (such as a booking request) and by who. So we can gauge if this is working.


STEP 2 – get people to use it

Biggest thing is we need to get groups to put the link on their web site. If they are willing to do that, they will have an incentive to have docs answer surveys.

I can make a video pretty easy showing health orgs how to use it and why its important. 86% of patients visit a clinics website before booking, etc etc etc. We market and get orgs to use our product for free.