Student Opportunities

ValueMed is solely supported by three medical students at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  We are looking for enthusiastic partners to help promote and expand the physician search platform.  In short, the search platform is a mix between health grades and  It utilizes an algorithm to match patients with doctors based on compatibility and shared health care values.  

At this point, ValueMed is purely a volunteer organization.  However, given that it is still in the early stages of development there will likely be opportunities for revenue in the future.

ValueMed can help you with

Your CV, residencies WILL ask about it

Conducting research or completing a quality improvement project (we've had many physicians recommend/offer to help with this)

Networking with physicians and physician organizations

Potential to generate extra income during medical school or residency

Getting involved in medical school in a completely unique way that will set you apart

Skills we are looking for:

Just about anything ranging from

Web development and design

Social media marketing and public outreach

Content development / blogging

Research / Proof of Concept

Business Expertise

Physician recruitment and 

More... if you think you have something to offer, we want to hear about it.

If Interested..

Please contact Ben Rowley at  No resume required.  Just let us know that you're interested.